My thriving Journey…

HI there,  I am super excited to have you here in my online home!

So Let me introduce myself!

I’m Angela Fogarty and I’m a Holistic Wellness Coach and Strategist!


I support busy modern mamas, like you, that are juggling career, kids, household, social lives and are trying to take care of themselves!

I help them restore their physical health and emotional wellbeing  so that they can feel fulfilled and nourished from within and there’s no room for burn-out as they take care of their loved ones and daily life!


My superpower is, or so I have been told,  that I am able to see you as the Thriving mama that you are at your core, and together  we’ll transform your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing in an entirely new way:

A way in which you are deeply nourished from within.

 A way that feels good and is in alignment with your values and your busy lifestyle!

A way in which your cup is always full as you give your best to your loved ones and there’s no room for burn-out!

If you are ready to take care of yourself and step into your own thriving journey,  you don’t have to do this alone…

I am here to be your guide…


Join the Thriving Journey Sisterhood and get instant access to a beautiful gift from me to you!


The Thriving Mama Toolkit is  a joyful compilation of my best tools  for busy mums to replenish and restore their wellbeing with ease, joy and grace!

From Meditations, to journalling prompts, nourishing recipes, techniques for reducing stress, beautiful printable reminders and a powerful manifesto to inspire you and uplift you and so much more to support your own Thriving Journey! 

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