Hello there, I’m Angela and Holistic Wellness Coach and Strategist, and I’m on a mission….

I’m on a mission to support beautiful mamas that are feeling fatigued, depleted, burnt-out and emotionally overwhelmed  by juggling this crazy thing called  motherhood in this busy modern times.

I’m passionate about helping them restore their physical and emotional wellbeing and most importantly to reconnect with their “thriving mama essence” aka inner wisdom in a way that is in alignment with her deep core values and her busy lifestyle.

And why is that, I hear you ask?

Because when we are in alignment with our “Thriving Essence” we are unstoppable, we feel energized, happier, calmer and purposeful, and this my dear mama shows in every corner of your life…in your relationships with your kids, your partner, your household and in every day life.

And my dearest mama trust me when I say this, your loved ones don’t need you, they need the best version of you! 

I totally believe that when we take care of our bodies, our mindset and our emotional needs, it leads us to a path of deeper connection to ourselves!

And from that place we are able to develop and experience a more loving relationship with our kids, our partner and loved ones! 

I know personally there is no magic formula to the Thriving Journey, because it is our own unique path to walk… but time and time again I can see these “steps” reflected on everyone that have walked their Thriving Journey…

It all starts with making a commitment to yourself.

Having a clear vision of your values and your ideal life

Believing that is possible to have it all, whatever that means to you!

Listening to your intuition!

Taking care of your energy!

Knowing that the journey is about taking small steps.

It’s being ok with where you are at, even if it’s not where you want to be yet!

Being kind to your failures, they may be showing you another way!

A key rule is…Consistency, not perfection (80/20 Rule)

Ask for help when needed! YES to this!!!!!

Have fun and enjoy the journey

Keep going YOU DESERVE happiness and joy… YOU ARE WORTHY!

So here is the formal bit.. about me:

I am certified health coach, I am a level 2 reiki practioner, Essential Oils educator and  Astrology lover! (Once upon a time I was an Improvement Engineer, I guess I always wanted to help others). 

I bring my practical, down to earth approach and strategies skills with a touch of magic or woo-woo! 

 I’m a mama of 2 “Rebel Girls” and they are my biggest inspiration to do the work I do… because I want them to know and believe that they can have it all, and have a fulfilled life.


Some of my mentors that have supported me in my own Thriving Journey and have given me the deepest wisdom and knowledge that I am here to share with you..  

Dr. Libby Weaver

Kris Carr

Cindy O’meara

Rebekah Borucki

Rebecca Campbell

Gabrielle Bernstein

Dr. Aviva Romm

Jessica Ortner

To your Thriving Journey!

Love,Angela xo