A few weeks ago I got myself a beautiful pampering box from Retreat Yourself.

It was a delightful box  of goodies to create a sense of pampering and taking time for myself! But in that box there was this gorgeous bangle from Delta&co, they make beautiful inspirational bracelets, a brand committed to inspire us women to live an amazing life!

So back to my bracelet..

 The one I got was “Choose your Hard” as I read it, I thought what an odd thing to say (more like WTF if I’m honest)

I was expecting something more “uplifting” but as I began to plan for my year ahead I started seeing the point of it, little breadcrumbs along the way or as Steve Jobs used to say, joining the dots. Everywhere I looked there was a clue, through my astrology chart, through reading things online.. Even my “word” of the year all were related.

You see “choose your hard” for me it’s all about choosing what you want MOST over instant gratification.

 It’s about committing myself to have what I truly desire instead of what its readily available.

It’s about being comfortable with being uncomfortable!

But this doesn’t mean doing things without joy or fun!

You can have your cake and eat it too.. you know!

So basically it’s all about COMMITMENT..

Committing to yourself, to your dreams and desires!

Committing to doing what it takes!

Committing to being who you want to become!

So as scary as it is this what I am committing to in 2019

I am committed this year to do the work that I need to do in my personal life and my business..

I am committed to feeling the full vibrancy of my body, lighter and more energetic than ever before!

I am committed to making my home my sanctuary, my haven with open spaces and full of joy!

I am committing myself to more family adventures and deeper connections to those I love the most!

I am committing myself to living on purpose and sharing my mission, my knowledge, my thriving journey as a modern mama and create, nourish, inspire a community of like-minded mamas around the world!  

Now over to you, my dear mama!

What are you committing yourself to do this year? 

I’d love to know so I can cheer you up along the way J There’s this powerful thing that when we share our intentions and commitments with like-minded women they are magnified 1000 fold!


P.S this is not about setting goals like lose 10 kgs in 6 weeks!This is about commitment to living a life in alignment and purpose! Yes losing weight may help you, but you need to dig deeper to find your true WHY.. why are you really doing this for? How do you want to feel? 

With love, to your thriving journey!

Angela xo