Dear Beautiful mama,

I know you are struggling with everything that’s going on around you!

You are trying to keep afloat, take care of your loved ones, show up strong at work and all the other commitments.

You KNOW that you have to take care of yourself, you know that things can’t keep going this way!

You don’t even remember last time you enjoyed time for yourself.

Your relationship with your partner is limited to watching Netflix after the kids have gone to bed!

You feel isolated even though you talk to so many others socially.

You put a mask on that everything is just fine, when you know the truth inside is a different story.

At times you don’t even like to be left alone with your own thoughts.

Every time you look in the mirror you see the image reflected back at you of a woman that once was vibrant and happy and that is no longer there… who is that woman standing there?

Clothes have started to feel tight and uncomfortable…

Every Monday you started a new diet, because that’s what we are supposed to do, right? Then Wednesday comes and we are off track… then guilt trip… failure and shame! Excuses come up, the criticism shows up… with that bitchy voice telling you.. YOU SUCK! You can’t even follow through with your diet.. just give up!

You feel frustrated with yourself and those you love the most! You lash out, and when you do, you feel the guilt right in the pit of your stomach, only to “realise” you are the worst mother in the world…

Your body is depleted and you are burning out

And you say to yourself… This has got to change!!!!

How do I know all these?

Because that was me!

I used to think that once I had all my shit together, once I lost the weight.. everything will be perfect!

There’ll be no tantrums from my kids, hubby and I will be in paradise all the time! (OMG I was kidding myself wasn’t i?)

The hard truth is… things don’t magically happen…

I needed to COMMIT to taking care of myself in a way that felt good to me, that was aligned with my nature, my values and lifestyle.. It was Radical Self Care required!

I needed to work on my mindset and get all those stupid thoughts out of my head, and replace them with nourishing thoughts, beliefs and new patterns of being.

And that’s how my Thriving Journey started.. this wonderful and challenging ever changing, ever evolving path of self-discovery towards my happiness and fulfilled life.

I know personally there is no magic formula to the Thriving Journey, because it is our own unique path to walk… but time and time again I can see these “steps” reflected on everyone that have walked their Thriving Journey…

It all starts with making a commitment to yourself.

Having a clear vision of your values and your ideal life

Believing that is possible to have it all, whatever that means to you!

Listen to your intuition!

Take care of your energy!

The journey is about taking the small steps.

Being ok with where you are at even if it’s not where you want to be yet!

Be kind to your failures, they may be showing you another way!

Consistency, not perfection..

Ask for help when needed!

Have fun and enjoy the journey!

Keep going YOU DESERVE happiness and joy… YOU ARE WORTHY!

 Now I’d like to invite you to take some mini-steps for you, because you can’t thrive if you don’t change the path you are walking, let me know in the comments what steps will you be taking? Or if you need any help with ideas.. I am here and happy to help 😊

Love Always

Angela xo